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Steel Product-Vacuum Degassing Introduction from Ourway

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Steel Mill Melting

In steel product manufacturing, remove impurities in molten steel can guarantee steel quality, in other words, steel products with out-rated harmful elements are failed product and could not be used safely. Elder steel mill workers of Ourway had one special ability-hearing, they can tell if harmful elements in molten steel has been removed or not by listening to the working stove, now as the development of steel manufacturing technology, this process can be automated in controlling room with a single action of pressing a button. For different applications such as boiler in power generation plant, gas cylinder tube, line pipe for oil transmission, etc, permitted content of elements might be different.   
Traditional vacuum degassing depends on large steam jet vacuum system, due to increased fuel costs and waste water treatment cost, the system is expensive. Equipped with the latest vacuum module pump system, you can realize stable quality of molten steel, protect the environment, and bring you unbelievable economic benefits.

Steel Vacuum DegassingSummary of Vacuum Degassing steel vacuum degassing is under the condition of vacuum, with the help of proper blowing inert gas such as argon to remove the harmful gas inclusions in molten steel (especially for hydrogen and nitrogen) and other trace elements (metallic and non-metallic), thus realize the steel refining. Vacuum degassing of steel can remove most of the solid state non-metallic affecting the quality of final steel products, such as oxide inclusions, working principle is that these inclusions influence mechanical properties of products and suitability of thermal processing and other processing conditions. In addition, choose appropriate protective slag liquid is also helpful in removing sulfur in liquid steel.

Secondary Refining Using vacuum degassing (VD) for the secondary refining, can efficiently and effectively optimize steel performance to meet specific requirements and product performance to increase added value of steel product. VD process will last for about 20min for molten steel under the "optimal" vacuum environment, vacuum degree is 0.67 mbar, usually at the same time, inert argon gas flow into the mixing liquid molten steel in molten steel and hydrogen get mixed in turbulent diffusion into the argon bubbles, vacuum degree are kept moderate to produce biggest bubble size, at the same time make the argon gas consumption in the reasonable scope, ensure the gas mixture discharged from the slag quickly.

Tip: A similar way could also be used to remove nitrogen, but working efficiency is lower compared with removing hydrogen, so usually of nitrogen content in molten steel still maintain at a high level.

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