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Stainless Steel Welded Pipe Composite Plate Application

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Stainless steel welded pipe composite plate is based on the combination of carbon steel base and stainless steel cladding. Its main production method is form strong metallurgical combination of carbon steel and stainless steel, it has the good process performance and is good for hot pressing, cold bending, cutting, welding and other fabrications. Stainless steel composite plate base material can be used to Q235B, Q245R, Q345B, Q345R, etc all kinds of ordinary carbon steel and special steel. Cladding material types: 304, 316 l, 321 and duplex stainless steel various grades of stainless steel. Material and thickness figure can have many combinations to meet the needs of different users. Stainless steel composite plate has been widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, salt industry, water conservancy, electric power, etc. Stainless steel composite panel is used as a kind of resource saving product, the consumption of precious metals is reduced, and it can greatly reduce the project cost. As it can achieve the perfect match of low cost and high performance, it could also help the project to achieve the goal of best social benefits.
How is the stainless steel welded pipe composite plate produced? There are two main types of industrial production method, the stainless steel clad plates explosive composite and hot rolling composite. Production technology of explosive composite plate is to put stainless steel plate overlap in carbon steel substrate, keep an interval distance between stainless steel and carbon steel substrate with mat. Lay the tile explosives above stainless steel plate, with the explosive energy to make the stainless steel plate of high-speed impact with the carbon steel substrate, this can produce high temperature and high pressure to achieve solid phase welding interface of two different materials. Ideally, every square millimeter of the interface shear strength can reach 400 mpa. Hot rolling composite plate technology is carbon steel base plate and the stainless steel plate in pure physical condition, and rolled under the high vacuum condition. In the process of rolling two metal diffusions to achieve complete metallurgical bonding. In order to improve the wetting effect in a complex world and to improve the bonding strength, in the interface of the physical and chemical treatment will be taken a series of technical measures.
What’s the difference between explosive compound and the hot rolling composite panels? Here is the analyze of the explosion compound characteristics:
1. Due to the explosive compound method is cold processing, so besides stainless steel composite plate, it can produce many kinds of metal composite board, such as titanium, copper, aluminum and so on.
2. The explosive compound can be used to produce stainless steel clad plate which the thickness can reach hundreds of mm, such as some large base and tube plate, etc. But it doesn't fit to produce stainless composite steel plate which the thickness is less than 10 mm.
3. Explosion compound production way uses explosive energy, it can cause vibration, noise and dust pollution to the environment. But since the investment for equipment is less, there are a lot of plants and factories in China. Due to the constraint of the weather and other working conditions, explosive composite production efficiency is not high.
Hot rolling composite process characteristics:
1. Production equipments-large mill and strip machine production, so the production efficiency is high, so in this way fast delivery is one advantage. Besides thickness of the final steel plate can have various matches. The product range of stainless steel cladding covers the thickness of 0.5 mm. The disadvantage is the large investment, so the factory number of this type is less in China.
2. Due to the limitation of compression ratio of steel rolling, composite steel plate product thickness manufactured by hot rolling is not more than 50 mm, not convenient also produce all kinds of small batch, circular composite board with special shape, etc. The advantage of hot rolling composite plate: composite steel plate can be manufactured with the production method of HSM; less production cost; the product range can meet the demand of more users.
3. With the condition of current technology, hot rolling technology can not directly used in the production of plate contains titanium, copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metal composite panels.
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