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ASTM A106 Seamless Steel Tube Chemical Composition(%):

Standard Grade C Si Mn P S Ni Cr Cu Mo
ASTMA106M A ≤0.25 ≥0.10 0.27-0.93 ≤0.035  ≤0.035 ≤0.40 ≤0.40 ≤0.40 ≤0.15
B ≤0.30 ≥0.10 0.29-1.06 ≤0.035 ≤0.035 ≤0.40 ≤0.40 ≤0.40 ≤0.15
C ≤0.35 ≥0.10 0.29-1.06 ≤0.035 ≤0.035 ≤0.40 ≤0.40 ≤0.40 ≤0.15
ASTM A106 Seamless Steel Tube Mechanical Properties:
Standard Grade Tensile strength(Mpa) Yield strength(Mpa)
ASTM A106M A ≥330 ≥205
B ≥415 ≥240
C ≥485 ≥275
ASTM A106 seamless steel tube is produced for high temperature operation, qualified product should be suitable for fabrication processes like bending, press braking and other forming operations, mechanical tests of the specimens always cover tensile, bending, hydrostatic and nondestructive electric tests. If welding process is needed, it should be considered first and certain welding technology shall be used in production. All test should be performed in normal temperature, cold-rolled pipe shall be heat treated.

ASTM A106 has 3 product grades: A, B, C, if you are not sure of the steel grade, steel tube application should be noted in the inquiry for us to give you the right advice.

ASTM A106 Application:A106 steel tube could be used for construction parts in steam generation plant, vessels, pipes, adapter and similar. Working temperature could be up to about 475℃.