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Steel Fabrication Services for Your Business

Established in 1999, Henan Ourway International Co., Ltd has focused on steel sale for more than 15 years, and won reputation at home and abroad. Comparing with the other steel manufacturers, as a foreign trading company, we are able to combine all types of steel plates and pipes in China to meet your demand, which is also why we survive in the international trading business. Just send us your purchase orders, we are responsible to find all your raw materials. Since 2005, in order to get more inquires and increase annual turnover, we have decided to provide fabrication services attached to the steel plates and pipes we sold. Bending, cutting, rolling, welding and press braking for steel plates and pipes are capable of processing in Ourway. Taking cutting and bending as example, cutting is done by sawing, shearing, or chiseling (all with manual and powered variants); torching with hand-held torches (such as oxy-fuel torches or plasma torches); and via numerical control (CNC) cutters (using a laser, mill bits, torch, or water jet). Bending is done by hammering (manual or powered) or via press brakes and similar tools. Modern metal fabricators utilize press brakes to either coin or air-bend metal sheet into form. CNC-controlled back-gauges utilize hard stops to position cut parts in order to place bend lines in the correct position. Off-line programming software now makes programming the CNC-controlled press brakes seamless and very efficient.

As a steel manufacturer and supplier, we offer not only steel sheets & pipes, but also steel deep processing. Any size and shape you want, just tell us your demand or send design to us, we try our best to meet your requirement, making sure you get final products from us. Read More

Steel Plates

Steel Pipes

  • Rolling-Our extensive capabilities and cutting edge technology provide you with high quality structural steel rolling.
  • Cutting-Laser cutting &Flame cutting&Water jet cutting.
  • Bending & Press Braking -Press braking is a steel fabrication process used to bend the pre-cutting steel plate into required shapes.
  • Welding-Steel welding is a manufacturing technology which uses heating theory in bonding metal and other thermoplastic materials.
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