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Laser Welding Used In Application Of Stainless Welded Tube

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Compared with the traditional welding, low power pulse laser welding has the advantages of high power density, energy concentration, low heat input, narrow welding seam and small deformation, what’s more, after the focused laser beam a small spot can be obtained as to realize precision positioning, these features make laser stainless steel welded pipe seam welding more suitable for the welding of small size workpieces than other welding methods. When laser welding ultra-thin stainless steel materials, as the material is too thin, it is very common for vaporization and perforation to happen, to get a continuous, no burning through welding seam, the key is in the precise control of the parameter.
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Main parameters that can affect laser welding quality of stainless steel welded pipe are as follows: welding current, pulse width, pulse frequency, it could affect in the following ways:
  1.  With the increase of electric current, the weld width increases, splash gradually appear in welding process, oxidation phenomenon occurs in the weld surface, in the end it would has a rough surface.
  2.  Along with the increase of pulse width, the stainless steel welded pipe weld width increases. The change of the pulse width has significant effects of laser welding of stainless steel ultra thin sheet. A small increase of the pulse width could lead to a sample to be oxidized and burned through.
  3. With the increase of the pulse frequency, the solder joint overlap rate increases, the weld width increase first and after it remains basic unchanged. While under a microscope, the weld is more and more smooth and beautiful. But the pulse frequency increases to a certain value, serious splash occurs in the welding process, weld seam become coarse, and oxidation occurs on both sides of the weldments.
  4. Laser welding of sheet material is suitable for positive defocus, with the same degrees of defocus value, welding seam is more smooth while using Positive defocusing laser welding other than deforcused laser welding.
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