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Major Types Of Vertical Steel Oil Tank

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Steel oil tank have 3 basic shapes-vertical, spherical and horizontal (cylindrical). Vertical dome tank is consisted with a ball roof top and vertical cylindrical tank wall, it is mainly used in the medium storage for volatile oil, oil products such as diesel, etc. The most commonly used volume is 1000-10000m3.
Vertical Steel Tank For Oil Storage
1.Vertical cylindrical steel tank
 Capacity of verticle steel tank is generally below 10 thousand cubic meters; wall plate connected by sleeve (fillet weld); usually use inversion installation method (starting from the roof, tank wall, then fan air works to make tank stand). It's more acceptable compared with the bottom-up method for reducing the aerial work.
2.Steel oil tankVertical with cylindrical floating roof
It is equipped with double disc floating roof or single disc floating roof. Double disc floating roof have the function of reducing thermal radiation effects, therefore, oil product evaporation loss is reduced. But when the capacity is big (more than ten thousand cubic meters), in order to reduce cost, single disc floating roof is the right call. This kind of oil tank adopts reasonable sealing device with good sealing performance, easy installation and maintenance. Wall plates are connected with the butt welding method.
3.Steel oil tankVertical cylindrical inner floating roof
Vault and inner floating roof, and the inner floating roof tank internal floating in the dome head, can go up and down. Besides have the characteristics of floating roof tank, it also can ensure the purity of the oil product.