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Cylindrical LPG Tank And LNG Storage Spherical Tank

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Cylindrical storage tanks are generally of atmospheric model, they are usually made for storage of the pressure liquid. And spherical tanks are generally high pressure storage tank.
LPG Storage Tank For Sale
For LPG storage tank, it has the feature of high boiling point, with room temperature and pressure condition is about 2 mpag, LPG is at liquid state. So pressure spherical tank can be increased to 2 mpa, it does not need to be installed with cooling system and other facilities, LPG can be stored directly and there won't be volatile. If stored for atmospheric pressure (1 ATM, for example), the boiling point on - 30 ~ 40 ℃. Environmental thermal heating would speed the gasification progress, high temperature gas produced must be cooled down with proper treatment, otherwise the gas will escape, on the whole LPG storage need lower temperature, higher temperature would lead to LPG leakage, so it is necessary to choose a well functioned cooler system.
For LNG storage tank, under atmospheric pressure boiling point - 162 ℃, or under high pressure 10 mpag, it won't cause the phenomenon of liquefied. And this high pressure spherical tank has been unable to be manufactured. Even if you use high pressure spherical gas tank, LNG is in gaseous form, so the storage capacity is very limited. With the same storage capacity, normal pressure Atmospheric pressure cylinder has obvious advantages on the storage of LNG